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      Vantage Security

      Our range of Temperature Detection solutions covered by Gulf News UAE !

      Press releases


      Vantage Security's temperature screening solutions.

      Vantage showcases its latest solutions at Intersec 2020, Dubai !

      Global events


      Vantage successfully participated at Intersec 2020, the largest security exhibition in the Middle East.

      Vantage at Intersec Dubai-2020

      Global events


      Vantage will be showcasing latest solutions and products at Intersec 2020, the largest security exhibition in the Middle East, January 19–21st in Dubai, UAE.

      Vantage Products Road Show in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban

      Press releases


      Continuing its growth trajectory with innovative products, our local distributor in South Africa organized a CCTV road show in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

      Vantage at Dubai Police Security Cameras Show-2019

      Global events


      Vantage attended the prestigious Dubai Police Security Cameras Show from September 15-19th 2019.

      Vantage at IFSEC India- 2018

      Global events


      Vantage is once again getting revved up for another big show at IFSEC India 2018, its 9th time exhibiting.

      Vantage awarded as Best Brand

      Press releases


      Vantage Integrated Security Pvt. Ltd. was recognized as ‘Best Brand' for the Security and Surveillance category during the '13th Employer Branding Awards – Brand Leadership Awards 2018-19' Pride of the Nation Series Awards & Business Summit. held at Lucknow on18th September, 2018

      Managing Director (APAC region) of Vantage at New Tech 2017 Security Sourcing Meeting at CPSE 2017

      Global events


      Managing Director(APAC region) of Vantage attended the New Tech 2017 Security Sourcing Meeting at CPSE 2017, held in Shenzhen China, He also addressed the participants of New Tech 2017 Security Sourcing Meeting, organized by China Security and Protection Industry Association.

      Vantage displays its latest solution in Johannesburg

      Technology / R&D showcase


      Vantage attended & displayed its latest solutions.

      Managing Director of Vantage at BRICS Summit 2017

      Global events


      Managing Director of Vantage Integrated Security Solutions (P) Limited, Mr. Parmod Verma, represented Indian business community at the 9th Annual BRICS Summit 2017, held in Xiamen, Fujian province, China.