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      Vantage Security

      Hotels & Hospitality

      As a hotelier or restaurateur the safety and security of guests, staff and property is of key importance, Also there are a lot of monetary transactions done at all these places and hence theft needs to be controlled and evidence of such happenings needs to be recorded for investigation purposes. Also as we have seen in recent history such establishments have been victim to a lot of terrorist activities.

      Vantage has plenty of exposure in dealing with various hotels and tourist places. We offer a gamut of solutions catering specifically to the hospitality industry.

      Some industry specific solutions offered by us include:

      • High Definition Video Surveillance with Intelligent Analytics
      • Command and Control Centre
      • Perimeter Security
      • Visitor Management Solutions
      • Parking Management Solutions
      • Vehicle Access Control through Bollards and Electronic Barriers
      • Baggage and People Screening Solutions
      • Explosive Detection Kits

      We help the hospitality industry to increase their brand equity by creating a technology driven environment offering peace of mind and safety to their patrons.

      Hotels & Hospitality
      Hotels & Hospitality