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      Vantage Security

      Defense & Homeland Security

      It is vital for countries to deploy the best of technologies available in the market for their defence and security establishments to cater and eliminate the ever-increasing threats of terrorism, sabotage, infiltration and theft of critical data.

      Defence and Homeland Security is a key target market for Vantage. We also hold patent on ToT (Transfer of Technology) contract of Explosive Detection Kits (EDKs) and are directly manufacturing and supplying these kits to Defence, Police, Military and Para-military establishments.

      Some of the niche solutions we offer for Defence and Homeland Security markets include:

      • Long Range Border Surveillance and Monitoring Cameras
      • Thermal Surveillance Equipment
      • Command and Control Centre
      • Perimeter Security
      • RF and IED Jamming
      • Night vision equipment
      • Explosive Detection Kits

      We are committed to serving the Defence and Homeland security markets, helping them secure and safeguard their critical assets - data and people.

      Defense & Homeland Security
      Defense & Homeland Security